Announcement: SGIN CEO Joins Canada Electricity Advisory Council

May 8, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Greg Robart, CEO of the Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada (SGIN), has been selected to participate in the newly launched Canada Electricity Advisory Council. The Pan-Canadian Electricity Council launched by the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources, is an independent body of 19 experts who will provide the Government of Canada with advice on actions needed to achieve our 2035 and 2050 net-zero emissions goals as they pertain to electricity.  

Greg Robart, CEO of SGIN said “I am honoured to be a part of the Canada Electricity Advisory Council and to join such a strong group of individuals to contribute to The Electricity Council goals. The Electricity Council aligns with SGIN’s mission to foster Canada’s transition to a clean energy future that considers how we generate, use, and distribute electricity.  We are excited to play our part as our nation’s need to increase the pace of change becomes increasingly evident.” 

The Electricity Council will work to establish national standards, best practices, and incentives to promote infrastructure investments, smart grids, grid integration, and electricity sector innovation, with the goal of making Canada the most reliable, cost-effective, and carbon-free electricity producer in the world. The Electricity Council will also promote the lowest cost approaches to electricity system planning and development in Canada, while advancing competitiveness to sell more Clean Canadian Power to the United States, creating good jobs at home while helping our neighbour also achieve a clean grid.  

Congratulations Greg, we look forward to following the Canada Electricity Advisory Council and supporting their initiatives to drive positive change in the industry.   

Read the Natural Resources Canada announcement here.


About Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada Inc.

The Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada Inc. supports Canada’s clean energy transition by advocating for the smart energy sector. Through education, vendor support, business model innovation and smart grid technology, we will leverage our position in the Canadian energy sector to create impact. We are dedicated to building a clean energy future for the benefit of all Canadians.