Industry, Utility & Academia Support

SGIN provides pay-to use Service offerings that are available to industrygovernment and academia.If you are interested in purchasing any of the following services, please email 

Product & Technology Support

SGIN has supported over 30 technologies since inception. SGIN supports vendors with technical service needs such as:

Lab and field trials with host utilities, municipalities, or building owners.

Smart Grid helps you with product development and technical challenges. In partnership with Members, SGIN can help with: 

Market & Trade Development Support

SGIN supports all members to promote their local industry in foreign markets. We provide services such as:  

Networking & B2B Matchmaking 

SGIN member networking and B2B (business-to-business) services facilitate connections and collaborations between businesses in the smart energy sector nationally and internationally.

SGIN & Member Associates assists smart energy companies in identifying potential partners, customers, and suppliers, and to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge between industry professionals and help enable and implement smart energy projects.  

Sector Expertise 

SGIN provides support, expertise, and through its members, consulting services to assist in various topics such as those looking to develop and implement community electrification projects.

Support Research, Industry Collaboration Projects 

SGIN Canada can support academia by providing matchmaking support and/or information on funding opportunities, resources, and connections to industry. SGIN encourages industry-academic collaborative projects.  SGIN can also offer a path for students to be imbedded into the industry work providing a rich learning environment that is linked closely to industry.  


* Academia Support services are priced per project.

How to Engage?

Based on your technology maturity level and your needs, we will assign a lead lab to define your project scope.

Fill out the online vendor application form.