The Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada has recently launched an Associate Program (AP) that is available exclusively to current SGIN members in good standing and provides knowledge and business opportunities. The AP is designed to help progress SGIN’s identified areas of strategic development and initiatives, such as policy, standards, smart energy project implementations, community electrification, trade, FDI, training and skills development, and R&D, while enabling national synergies and knowledge sharing to contribute to building the smart energy ecosystem across Canada.

The Associate Program provides inclusive collaboration opportunities for various skills and needs, and SGIN members help each other connect the dots with various opportunities, mutually benefiting their businesses while accelerating the progress on smart energy developments and net zero implementation. If you are a current SGIN member and would like to become an Associate, please contact If you are not yet a member, join today.

Chris Mathis


Chris Mathis is the lead of Viable Solutions Inc., a division of Portfolio Solutions Group. Viable Solutions provides strategic consulting to companies and organizations. Chris has over 30 years of experience working with and in organizations and early-stage businesses, providing hands-on leadership, guidance and solutions that range from high-tech engineering to technical marketing to entrepreneurial product development and everything in between. Chris has a passion for alternative energy development, transition and environmental solutions that will have a lasting socioeconomic impact. 

You can see Chris’ full work experience by visiting his LinkedIn profile here

Terrance Cormier


Terrance Cormier is a Director and Senior Manager of Mavome Inc. Terry has over 25 years of experience working with organizations going through transformations brought about by technical evolution and has for the past eight years been focused on a long-term business transformation program for a vertically integrated utility in Eastern Canada. Terry has a passion for sustainability and focuses on measurable impacts. 

You can see Terry’s full work experience by visiting his LinkedIn profile here.