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We foster Canada’s transition to a clean energy future.

The Smart Grid Innovation Network is a network of leaders in the Canadian smart energy sector. By fostering Canada’s transition to clean energy, we will help build stronger, more resilient communities and a sustainable economy.

Our members are leaders in Canada’s energy industry. They range from small businesses developing new generating solutions or enabling technologies to utilities and multinational corporations. As a member of SGIN Canada you will demonstrate your interest in the opportunity represented in energy transition development. As one of our member organizations, you will be seen as a leader in Canada’s first industry association dedicated to Energy Transition to support improving our energy supply resilience, utility operations and to support our managed transition from legacy infrastructure to cleaner and smarter energy systems. We thrive on the diversity of our membership which creates a strong voice of support and advocacy for the energy transition in Canada, and around the world.

Membership Benefits

A membership with SGIN means that you stay connected are part of the forum for companies and organizations active in Canada’s Energy Transition Sectors.

  • First visibility of opportunities
  • Prominent branding among members
  • Invitation to exclusive executive networking events
  • Service discounts for SGIN fee for service
  • Priority participation in advocacy and communications initiatives
  • Opportunity to participate in SGIN’s Outreach Working Committee
  • Free marketing of employment opportunities of member organizations
  • Opportunity to nominate an individual for Board of Directors

Member Levels

Energy Transition Champion+

Energy Transition Champion membership represents a corporate member who is a pioneer and guiding force in a smart energy transition industry. They play a leadership role by contributing to the strategic direction of the industry and the network. This membership is recommended for those who want to get more involved in supporting SGIN and will contribute as a voting member on board.



Energy Transition Leader+

The energy transition leader is designated for key players and influencers in the industry. This class is designated for organizations that are active in the association and who wish to benefit from the relationships and increase their presence in the network.


Individual members are designated for people who support and advocate for energy transition. These individuals have no corporate interests.


Student members may have an interest in learning more about the industry and being exposed to the opportunity to learn from and connect with industry leaders and potential job prospects.

Association Partner+

This membership level is identified for other associations who wish to mutually exchange knowledge and interface with our collective membership (reciprocal membership).

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