Become a Member in 2024

We foster Canada’s transition to a clean energy future. 

The Smart Grid Innovation Network is a network of leaders in the Canadian smart energy sector. By fostering Canada’s transition to clean energy, we will help build stronger, more resilient communities and a sustainable economy.

Our members are leaders in Canada’s energy industry. They range from small businesses developing new generating solutions or enabling technologies to utilities and multinational corporations.

As a member of SGIN Canada you will demonstrate your interest in the opportunity represented in energy transition development. As one of our member organizations, you will be seen as a leader in Canada’s first industry association dedicated to Energy Transition to support improving our energy supply resilience, utility operations and to support our managed transition from legacy infrastructure to cleaner and smarter energy systems. We thrive on the diversity of our membership which creates a strong voice of support and advocacy for the energy transition in Canada, and around the world.

We actively engage our members to help facilitate their transition needs, create transition opportunities and help inform all stakeholders to creating solutions to fund, implement and verify implementations that support the Energy Transition.