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The Smart Grid Innovation Network is a network of leaders in the Canadian smart energy sector. By fostering Canada’s transition to clean energy, we will help build stronger, more resilient communities and a sustainable economy.

Our members are leaders in Canada’s energy industry. They range from small businesses developing new generating solutions or enabling technologies to utilities and multinational corporations.

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NB Power

Their 2,300 employees are dedicated to providing expert service and safe, reliable electricity at low and stable rates. The electricity NB Power generates at their 14 facilities throughout New Brunswick is delivered via power lines, substations and terminals to more than 350,000 New Brunswick homes, businesses, hospitals and schools. They also export some of the electricity we generate to New England, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

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Saint John Energy

Saint John Energy is a progressive energy company providing trusted energy solutions to residential and business customers in Saint John, New Brunswick. Locally owned and operated since 1922, it is one of the highest-rated electrical utilities in Canada for reliability and customer satisfaction and holds the coveted Sustainable Electricity Company designation. Its commitment to innovation has earned it national and international acclaim, including an Award of Excellence from the International Smart Grid Action Network for innovation and a Clean50 Award for outstanding commitment to sustainability.

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Siemens Canada

Siemens is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, mobility, and healthcare. Creating technologies for more resource-efficient factories and resilient supply chains to smarter buildings and grids, to cleaner, comfortable transportation and advanced healthcare, the company empowers customers to transform the industries that form the backbone of economies, transforming the everyday for billions of people.

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Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors

Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors supports leading governments, utilities, corporations and others across North America in their efforts to accelerate the clean energy transition, effectively and responsibly.With deep expertise across the Buildings, Mobility, Industry and Energy supply sectors, their team of 50+ professionals supports clients in two ways: through rigorous Analysis (of technical, economic and market opportunities) and by designing or assessing leading Strategies (plans, programs and policies).  

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Envigour Policy Consulting Inc.

Envigour Policy Consulting serves clients with an interest in developing or responding to public policy and related programs, and legislation/regulation. Their strength is in the energy sector, particularly in electricity markets, renewables, and efficiency. Their focus includes work on energy information (data) policies and plans; energy efficiency policies and supports; and policies, strategies, regulations for the development of marine renewable energy. Envigour is also a member of Marine Renewables Canada and a founding supporter of PAMEC. Energy Association – a not-for-profit organization dedicated to research into the factors that could lead to the sustainable development of all form of marine renewable energy (from and in a marine environment) in the Americas.

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Enova Power Corp

Enova Power Corp. is the trusted energy provider, dedicated to delivering safe and reliable energy solutions that power our communities forward. Serving more than 157,000 residential and business customers in the City of Kitchener, City of Waterloo, Township of Woolwich, Township of Wilmot, and Township of Wellesley, Enova Power Corp. will drive what’s next in energy and sustainability for our communities and beyond.

Learn more at enovapower.com.

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Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED)

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) works with Canadians in all areas of the economy and in all parts of the country to improve conditions for investment, enhance Canada’s innovation performance, increase Canada’s share of global trade and build a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace.

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Mysa Smart Thermostat

Based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Mysa’s mission is to fight climate change by empowering homeowners to take control of their energy use with innovative technology. Mysa’s smart thermostats for electric heating and cooling HVAC systems are designed to help users manage their household energy spend, decarbonize our grid, and build a more sustainable future for our planet. Since first shipping in 2018, Mysa has launched 4 products and helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners all across North America take smart control of their home’s heating and cooling without compromising on comfort.

Mysa’s flagship thermostat is the Mysa for Electric Baseboard Heaters. First launched in 2018, an updated version (V2) was added to the product family in 2021. In 2019, they addressed another electric heating need with the launch of Mysa for Electric In-Floor Heating. In 2021, amid rapid growth in the household electrification market, they added the newest member to the Mysa family – Mysa for Mini-Split Heat Pumps. They have been partnering with utility companies in demand response pilots across North America to enable the energy transition through flexible and dynamic load.

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OEC serves the infrastructure, energy, renewable generation and electricity, telecommunications and gas distribution sectors. With over 2,000 employees, OEC provides insightful and reliable energy and infrastructure turnkey solutions to clients across Canada and beyond. Driven to lead, innovate and commit to excellence, they partner with clients to create value. Their group of companies deliver end-to-end solutions from conception and design to engineering, construction and comprehensive field services across a wide array of services. As a cornerstone of their business, health, safety and the environment is at the core of everything that they do. Through an unwavering focus, OEC is continuously working to ensure the safety of their employees, the public they serve and the environment they live in. The group of companies includes: Planview Utility Services, DPM Energy, QSP Geographics, EMB Management, UTS Consultants, Trans Power, Teraflex, El-Con Construction, PVS Contractors, GTel, Oakville Hydro, OEC Geo-Exchange, OEC Generation, and Golden Horseshoe Metering Services.

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The Town of Antigonish

The Town of Antigonish (TOA) is in the northeastern corner of Nova Scotia (pop 4,656) and is an economic hub and service center for the rural communities surrounding it. With a diverse and growing population, TOA is a family-friendly town with lots of opportunities, access to quality education at all levels, recreation, sports and cultural activities.
TOA has pledged to become the first Net Zero Community in Canada. It recognizes the climate emergency and the economic opportunity that addressing this presents for them, their citizens, and businesses. TOA owns and operates its own municipal electric utility (MEU) which uniquely positions the Town to address the climate emergency by making green infrastructure investments that will support increased energy demands while keeping energy rates affordable and free of pricing risks associated with carbon content.
TOA has a proven track record of taking a leadership position in the fight against climate change through investments in renewable energy. Demonstrating commitment to this vision, TOA is an owner of the Alternative Resource Energy Authority (AREA) along with the Town of Berwick and Town of Mahone Bay. AREA owns and operates the 23.5MW Ellershouse Wind Farm and negotiates bulk procurement of clean energy on the wholesale market, on behalf of the Towns of Antigonish, Berwick, Mahone Bay and the Riverport Electric Light Commission.
Additionally, TOA has invested heavily in customer facing electrification and renewable energy programs including +9MW of community solar in partnership with the other AREA municipalities, over 100 electric vehicle (EV) charging points with other MEUs in the Maritimes, and a turnkey residential and commercial heat pump program that includes financing and ongoing customer care.
TOA is committed in helping both the provincial and federal governments to achieve emission reduction targets by decarbonizing its heating and transportation sectors and improving climate resilience. Impacts from climate change are already evident in local flood events and weather patterns requiring informed capital planning. As an economic hub for the region, TOA provides financial and environmental sustainability which is critical to enhancing community services that improve the well-being of all people in one of Nova Scotia’s largest rural communities while assisting Nova Scotia to reach its renewable energy standard of 80% by 2030.
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Viable Solutions - Portfolio Solutions Group

Viable Solutions is a team of strategic experts that provide solutions for growth and innovation in the energy sector and beyond. They work within a proven process to chart the most effective route to achieving growth goals, working with regional, national and international organizations, associations, utilities, industries, businesses and governments of all shapes and sizes.

From economic development strategy to business growth planning to innovation accelerators to financial acuity solutions to technology commercialization, their team of experts follow a process that starts with comprehensive discovery, research and engagement to build strategic and customized solutions that work to deliver real, measurable outcomes for each and every client. Viable Solutions is part of Portfolio Solutions Group, with strategic alliances that broaden our offerings in marketing, communications, creative design, graphic design, production, and web development – providing a complete set of strategically aligned solutions.

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University of New Brunswick

The University of New Brunswick (UNB) is Canada’s oldest English-language university, and New Brunswick’s only national comprehensive university. Founded in 1785, the multi-campus institution has a rich history as well as a dynamic focus on innovation, experiential learning and entrepreneurship.  UNB has more than 9,500 students from nearly 75 countries while several thousand more take UNB courses online and at partner institutions around the world.

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Marine Renewables Canada

Marine Renewables Canada (MRC) is the country’s wave, tidal, river current, and offshore wind association representing technology and project developers, utilities, researchers, and the energy and marine supply chain. Since 2004, the organization has worked to identify and foster collaborative opportunities, provide information and education, and represent the best interests of the sector to advance the development of a marine renewable energy industry in Canada that can be globally competitive.

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Electricity Human Resources Canada

EHRC is Canada’s most trusted source for objective human resource and market information, with the tools to guide business planning and development for the Canadian electricity industry. They provide a platform for current industry needs, identify ways to make Canadian businesses “best in class,” and forecast industry trends and issues. Their work enables the industry to map workforce supply to demand and to foster growth and innovation in employers and employees. This improves the quality of service industry provides and improves the confidence Canadians have in the industry. 

Their members are employers, unions, associations and educational institutions across the country working together to meet current and future needs for a safety-focused, highly skilled, diverse and productive workforce.

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Decentralized Energy Canada

Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC) is a national non-profit industry association. We connect Canadian decentralised energy companies to business opportunities both nationally and internationally. The network pathways we create for startups, entrepreneurs, corporations, and market leaders enables productive collaboration and industry growth.

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Electricity Canada

Founded in 1891, Electricity Canada (formerly the Canadian Electricity Association) is the national forum and voice of Canada’s evolving and innovative electricity business association supports, through its advocacy efforts, the regional, national, and international success of its members. Electricity Canada members generate, transmit, and distribute electrical energy to industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional customers across Canada. Members include integrated electric utilities, independent power producers, transmission and distribution companies, power marketers, manufacturers and suppliers of materials, technology, and services. Electricity Canada is the national voice for sustainable electricity for its members and the customers they serve as the country works towards a Net Zero by 2050 future.

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Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

OSEA is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable energy in Ontario through advocacy, education, and collaboration. Founded in 2001, OSEA is a trusted source of information and a leading voice for sustainable energy in the province. OSEA members include businesses, municipalities, universities, colleges, and individuals committed to advancing sustainable energy solutions.

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2022 Affiliates

The Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada would like to acknowledge and express gratitude to all of our Affiliate Members who have supported and contributed to the network throughout 2022. 

We would like to inform you that the Affiliate Membership type will no longer be offered in effective March 1st 2023. This change has been made to facilitate the growth and progress of our membership network.

Once again, we thank you for your support and look forward to continued collaboration and involvement in the Smart Grid Innovation Network. Explore our detailed Member Guide and become a member today

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