Government Support

SGIN provides pay-to use Service offerings that are available to industry, government and academia.If you are interested in purchasing any of the following services, please email 


Canned Analysis Report of the SGIN Smart Energy Benchmarking Project which provides a comprehensive summary of the results of the benchmarking study.  

To be Launched in 2023

Industry reports

SGIN provides expertise and resources to create smart energy industry reports. Topics covered in these reports could include analysis of smart energy key market trends, challenges, and opportunities, case studies, industry news and key players, smart energy supply chain analysis across Canada, and government policy and regulation reviews.

Trade Mission Planning & Delivery

SGIN helps government to promote their local industry in foreign markets. We provide services such as:  

Trade mission planning and delivery 

SGIN offers trade mission planning and delivery services in efforts to enable collaboration and exchange ideas and opportunities within the Smart Grid and Energy sectors. Delivery includes::  

Community Engagement

The community engagement service offering is designed to help with implementation of electrification plans and includes:  

Leadership Forums, Workshops, and Conferences

Leadership Forums  

As part of engaging the community, SGIN hosts leadership forums to explore opportunities in digital energy. By hosting such forums and bringing several different perspectives together, SGIN is able to have a collaborative approach to prioritizing activities and shaping messaging within the energy ecosystem.  

Workshop Organization 

SGIN organizes several workgroups that gather on a regular basis to tackle a set of evolving topics in the energy industry (technology benefits, electrification pathway, greenhouse gas reduction pathway, distributed energy resource pathways). Our association aids in providing solutions for the challenges addressed in such workshops.  

Conference Design Services 

SGIN has significant experience with organizing and executing educational events within the energy industry. SGINs is focused on fostering collaboration with governments, utilities, the business community, technology vendors, media, engineering, NGO/non-profits, and economic development agencies within the energy industry to accelerate the pace of Canada’s energy transition.

* Government Support services are priced per project.