Smart Energy Benchmarking Advisory Committee

Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada (SGIN) is launching an open Call for Applications for the Advisory Committee on the Smart Energy Benchmarking Project. The project will support electric utilities across Canada in preparing for the energy transition. The SGIN is engaging a subset of Canadian utilities in the development of a Smart Energy Scorecard. The scorecard will benchmark their resources, capabilities, and activities, and progress towards a clean, smart, and electrified energy future. The mandate of the Smart Energy Benchmarking Advisory Committee is to engage in a meaningful dialogue to shape the work of the project, advance emerging issues related to the project, and more specifically to:   

We invite and encourage applicants with experience in advisory committees and in benchmarking activities, including representatives of national organizations, professional associations, researchers/academics, and experts in the energy sector.   

If you are interested in being part of the advisory, please complete the form below:

Please note: All applicants will receive a confirmation that we have received their application. Following the completion of the selection process, SGIN will announce the final membership of the Advisory Committee when the candidates have been selected.   

About the Smart Energy Benchmarking Project:

The Smart Grid Innovation Network is happy to announce the launch of its National Smart Energy Benchmarking Project.

In partnership with utilities across the country, this project will address knowledge gaps and identify capacity constraints within the electricity sector through working with key actors at the heart of Canada’s energy transition, utilities.  An improved understanding of where we are individually and collectively in our energy transition is desired.

The goal of this project is to articulate the current state of smart energy and grid modernization in Canada to better understand our preparedness for the upcoming change, and share the findings, conclusions, and recommendations amongst stakeholders while maintaining data privacy and commercial concerns.