Electrification 4.0 Project

SGIN’s strategic plan and engagement validations represent a strong opportunity to help with grid implementations, establishing traction in the Atlantic region through various initiatives, partnerships, and supportive opportunities. Under this project, SGIN embraces the need to engage with stakeholders in the ecosystem that helps accelerate Net Zero Planning and facilitates Implementation.

The project includes various work streams:

  1. Provincial Electrification: We identify for high impact electrification pathways and support in its implementation in New Brunswick.
  2. Community Electrification: We engage with 5 communities in NB interested in advancing their Net Zero goals and looking for support and guidance on implementation strategies and near-term projects that best advance the goals.
  3. Measurement and Verification Services: We work with two near term projects that have M&V needs and will proceed to market the service and seek alignment with major utilities.
  4. Interoperability Standards: We launch a discovery project to understand the existing challenges and opportunities for utilities and vendors alike to accelerate their adoption of smart energy solutions. This will recommend the components that establish an interoperability standard.
  5. Smart Energy Collaboration Network: We lead a regional discovery identification and prioritization exercise and develop formal agreements with other regional, national, and international collaborator(s) with similar goals.
  6. Energy Innovation Forum: We host an energy innovation forum in Atlantic Canada. This event provides the audience an opportunity to interact with local, national, and international experts and provides local companies and utilities an opportunity to share their knowledge.
  7. Energy 4.0 Hackathon: We bring together local academia, utility, and vendor teams to solve utility of the future slash grid of the future type challenges

The goals of this project are to:

  • Articulate the current state of the ecosystem which enables the smart energy development, including clean energy supply, grid modernization, clean energy use
  • Identify gaps to create better supply chains in order to enable a futuristic ecosystem
  • Create awareness to accelerate energy transition  
  • Share the findings, conclusions, and recommendations broadly to adopt energy transition through a smart, dynamic, and customer-centric approach.

The project will be guided by an Advisory Committee. Advisory Committee members include electric utilities, municipalities, economic development authorities, federal authorities, universities, financial communities and other interested parties.

Overview of the Electrification 4.0 Project Work Streams

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