PowerHV is a Newfoundland-based company supplying energy efficient transformer bushings in the voltage from 138 kV downwards. The company engaged with the Smart Grid Innovation Network for testing a new bushing technology capable of saving 80% in losses compared to traditional products for the same applications.

According to the vendor, their novel technology changing to energy-efficient bushings can eliminate 2 MW of electricity losses from a small power utility grid, resulting in 3 key benefits which are:

  1. More electricity delivered to customers safely and more reliably, resulting in
  2. Increase in revenue from electricity sales and fewer outages,
  3. Wireless monitoring non-invasively diagnoses and reports to increase maintenance productivity.

PowerHV reached out to SGIN for testing their new bushing technologies. SGIN supported the vendor with connecting with high-power laboratories. The testing started in summer 2017 with 30x lightning strikes to each bushing. For each voltage class, they tested compliance with CSA88.1. They also tested their condition monitoring sensors and it passed without any failure. In all test cases, there were no flashovers and no punctures.  CSA was present to witness and verify performance to BIL requirements of CSA88.1/IEC60137/IEC65700.

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