SimpTek is an innovative technology company that offers a new platform to help utilities prepare for a changing future by improving engagement with their customers, and helps commercial property owners and their tenants better understand and manage energy usage. Their Utility Marketplace solution is designed to take data and turn it into direct action to change the way the customer consumes electricity.

In the fall of 2015, NB Power’s Product Development team and SimpTek Technologies began a pilot project to assess SimpTek’s technology. The pilot was designed to collect data, test and assess SimpTek’s energy data analytics solution. NB Power installed third-party data collection hardware to provide one minute data requested by SimpTek and also sub-metering to validate the accuracy of their data analytics algorithms for space and domestic hot water end uses.

During the technical pilot, SimpTek worked with NB Power staff from across the utility including Information Services, Customer Care, Loads & Forecasting, Demand Side Management (DSM) and Marketing to discuss their technology and also help assess opportunities and applications for its technology.

NB Power found that SimpTek’s Utility Marketplace on a large scale showed promise by analyzing end-use estimations that could aid with load forecasting, Measurement and Verification of DSM programs and also for marketing & sales opportunities of new products and DSM programs.

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