FleetCarma is an award winning clean-tech solution provider. The company has provided technology that is critical to the adoption and operation of electric vehicles since 2007. Technology solutions are available for industries key to their vision of sustainable transportation. These include electric utilities, fleet management, environmental sustainability, and vehicle researchers.

As industry leaders in vehicle-side data, the company has innovated load-shaping smart-charging solutions. Namely, the ability to control electric vehicle charging to reduce electric utilities system peak. The company engaged with the SGIN Siemens Interoperability Lab for testing EV smart charging using OpenADR Demand Response protocol.

Then, as you integrate electric vehicles into the fleet, the same telematics device seamlessly connects with them to provide industry-leading electric vehicle telematics capabilities. This allows you to ensure optimal EV operation with real-time state-of-charge data, reports of electric versus gasoline utilization for plug-in hybrids, and plug-in compliance monitoring.

The Siemens Interoperability Lab provided remote support directly to the FleetCarma software development team for implantation guidance, debug support, and OpenADR protocol testing services to ensure that their newly developed gateway can interoperate with the Siemens Decentralized Energy Management System (DEMS), which is used by utilities to administer automated demand response programs. During the lab engagement, FleetCarma’s staff had access to Siemens’ product experts, developers and configuration specialists.

The Interoperability Lab’s infrastructure was designed specifically to accommodate remote support of clients. As such, the DEMS system and its OpenADR VTN (located in Fredericton) were able to seamlessly communicate with the FleetCarma VEN (located in Ontario). During testing, demand response events were dispatched from Fredericton to the test electrical vehicle chargers in Ontario, successfully resulting in a reduction in power consumption.
For more information about how the Siemens Interoperability Lab or the Smart Grid Innovation Network can help your company build a ‘smart grid ready’ product or service, please complete the vendor application form or contact us. For more information about FleetCarma’s EV telematic product & services, please contact their team.



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