Enlit Europe 2023

Call for Expression of Interest

SGIN is looking to poll our Canadian members to explore if there would be market interest to participate in a mission to one of Europe’s leading events for energy innovation and business, Enlit Europe 2023! This year Enlit Europe Conference & Trade Show which will be held in Paris, France from November 28th -30th 2023. 

As we explore the possibility of enabling this mission, we are actively working to understand who would be interested in participating. This mission is a unique opportunity for Canadian companies to showcase their capabilities and innovative solutions to a global audience made up of key decision- makers and professionals. Once the program is finalized, we will be able to provide more information on the exact cost per delegate.

We encourage our members to express their interest in participating in this mission.

Mission components:

Delegates will take part in a pre-mission workshop and webinar sessions that will cover topics such as the full Enlit Europe program, business preparation, regional energy innovation overview, and points to consider when deciding to do business in Europe and other international markets.  

An in-market briefing will also be held at Enlit Europe to go over final meeting preparations, what is expected over the event, a refresher view of the topics covered in the webinar and answer last minute questions.  

SGIN will facilitate in-country travel logistics such as organizing group reservations of in-region hotels, transportation between official group venues and site visits, and will ensure coordination of itinerary items. 

The matchmaking consultant is a critical success factor for participating delegates to develop partnerships and insight in Europe. The business culture in Europe is based on building a relationship before business is done and having a consultant that has an established network of contacts and a good reputation in the region ensures success in making connections and setting up qualified B2B meetings with real potential for business development. 

Delegate participation at the Enlit Europe trade show to explore business opportunities in the renewable energy systems sector in France and other European markets. Participation in the trade floor, Summit, and Hub Sessions.  

Enlit Europe is uniquely set up to promote networking & business opportunities throughout the event. Currently, an opening networking reception and other evening networking receptions are TBD.

In conjunction with the Enlit Europe Conference and Trade Show, SGIN will be championing one site visit possibly locally in Germany and/or Norway (subject to travel restrictions, availability, and interest from the group attendees). SGIN has begun communications with Smart Innovation Norway to develop a Collaboration Center exchange. We will also explore opportunities to visit an energy independent community to expose SME’s to product opportunities around peer to peer energy trading, block chain, community energy planning, advanced storage solutions for automated grid managementThis opportunity will provide market intelligence for the SME’s. Also, as part of SGIN’s long term plan, we are exploring the potential of establishing an innovative Smart Energy Collaboration Center designed to formalise a place for companies to exchange with each other and with business contacts in Canada and abroad. Stay tuned for more details.

Why should your company attend Enlit Europe with SGIN?

  • Meet key commercial entities, industry players, potential buyers, investors and/or partners in Europe.
  • Find partner and business opportunities with the delegates from across Canada.
  • Compare your product/service with international competitors.
  • Develop a first-hand understanding of the opportunities and challenges of doing business in foreign markets.
  • Gain insights and market intelligence.
  • Increase visibility of your product or service.
  • Meet key regulatory bodies.
  • Participate in networking events organized by SGIN.
  • It is an excellent event for members looking to get involved in implementation projects.
  • Participate in pre-organized business to business meetings
  • Receive on-the-ground assistance from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.
  • Participate in a site visit organized by SGIN.
  • Receive discounted rates on Enlit Europe summit passes.

We want to hear from you! Would you be interested in attending Enlit Europe 2022 with SGIN? Let us know below: 

Learn about our visit to Enlit Europe 2022 in Frankfurt

About the Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada

Atlantic Canada has a long history of established trade, investment, cultural and political ties with the countries in the European Region. Under the leadership of NB Power, Siemens, UNB, Emera and Fortis, Atlantic Canadian companies are leading the way to supply clean energy, create energy efficiency, incorporate smart grid technologies, and provide grid stability solutions to expanding markets internationally. Several of our most well-known companies and stakeholders have been carrying on business internationally for many years and many more pan-Atlantic companies have the vision, expertise, and commitment to provide the products and services that will achieve a new low carbon energy sector.  

The Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada (SGIN) believes strongly that Atlantic Canadian companies have a great deal to offer the energy innovation sector and they are interested to meet top-level European energy professionals to seek out new business, form new relationships and drive new long-term in-market programs and initiatives forward. 

Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada is a non-profit, national member network focused on supporting implementations in the smart energy sector for the purpose of decarbonization and grid resilience. We do this by understanding and leveraging diversity of regional strengths and providing opportunities to co-create and mobilize knowledge and connections across the country. SGIN is dedicated to building a clean energy future for the benefit of all Canadians. 

To compliment the work being done within the SGIN, local and federal governments working concurrently with Atlantic utilities are investing in putting Atlantic Canada on the forefront of utility innovation. The work being done in Atlantic Canada also reflects upon the Government of Canada’s Investing in Canadian Infrastructure Plan, which will see investments of $180 billion over 12 years go into green and social infrastructure projects, public transit projects, trade, and transportation routes, as well as Canada’s rural and northern communities.