Marine Renewables Canada and SGIN Canada Collaborate to Advance Clean Energy Systems

April 7, 2021

News Release

Marine Renewables Canada and the Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada have entered into an affiliation agreement to share knowledge and support the development of cleaner energy systems through marine renewable technology and the associated grid operations improvements needed. This agreement will increase collaboration to benefit industry in Canada and support the federal and provincial governments to increase the clean generation in our energy mix. 

Marine renewable energy presents a predictable, reliable resource that can produce clean electricity for both remote communities using diesel, as well as larger grid-connected users. While the predictability and reliability of marine renewable energy can complement the use of other forms of renewable energy like wind and solar, integration of different renewable energy resources can be a challenge. Smart grid technology can provide a solution to integrating all renewable resources and optimizing their value to the electricity system.

On this new collaboration, Elisa Obermann, Executive Director of Marine Renewables Canada said, “We have many members working to provide marine renewable energy solutions in Canada and internationally. By working more closely with the Smart Grid Innovation Network and its membership, our members can collaborate on developing integrated systems that can be used by remote communities and utilities. This is another step towards ensuring marine renewable energy plays a role in our future electricity mix and contributes towards action on climate change and growing the blue economy.”

The CEO of the Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada Inc., Gregory Robart said, “Canada is blessed with an abundance of opportunities for marine renewables. Enabling grid interconnections connections, flexible energy storage and grid operations are critical components of delivering this clean energy where and when it is needed. We look forward to working closely with Marine Renewables Canada to cultivate this opportunity in Canada. By working together, we can help industry collaborate on key issues, build partnerships, and share information that will support advancement of the entire ecosystem.”

About Marine Renewables Canada

Marine Renewables Canada is the country’s tidal, offshore wind, wave and river current energy association representing technology and project developers, utilities, researchers, and the energy and marine supply chain. Since 2004, the organization has worked to identify and foster collaborative opportunities, provide information and education, and represent the best interests of the sector to advance the development of a marine renewable energy industry in Canada that can be globally competitive.

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About Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada Inc.

The Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada Inc. supports Canada’s clean energy transition by advocating for the smart energy sector. Through education, vendor support, business model innovation and smart grid technology, we will leverage our position in the Canadian energy sector to create impact. We are dedicated to building a clean energy future for the benefit of all Canadians.


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