Member Offerings

Market & Trade Support

SGIN supports all members to promote their local industry to foreign markets. We provide services such as:

Supply Chain Repository

SGIN can help industry increase their visibility and reach new customers through our network and provide potential buyers, regional development offices and trade bodies an understanding of the Smart Energy capabilities in Canada. Promotion services range from top priority in online database. More info on this service offering here.

Influence & Governance

SGIN Members can nominate an individual for the Board of Directors, gain AGM voting rights, and receive an invitation to exclusive networking events.

Policy Development & Advocacy

SGIN Members have priority participation in advocacy and communications initiatives, as well as the opportunity to participate In SGIN working committee(s).

Knowledge Hub

In 2023, SGIN will establish a repository with information, resources, and tools related to Smart Energy. Although some information will be in the public view, Members will have a deeper curated hub to access. The knowledge hub provides:

Industry Reports  

SGIN provides expertise and resources to create smart energy industry reports. Examples of industry reports topics include:

Professional Development & Education Resources 

Professional development and training opportunities to improve skills and knowledge in the smart energy sector.  This can include training on specific topics, best practices for implementing smart energy systems, or subjects e.g., policy & regulatory information.

Profile & Branding

Knowledge Sharing

As a SGIN Member, you will have access to our private industry LinkedIn group, early access to our industry webinars and industry-relevant information, as well as access to the network of professionals, a member-only portal, our monthly smart energy newsletter, and webinars offering expert information and industry insights.

Leadership Forums & Workshops

Enjoy member pricing to SGIN conferences and leadership forums where you will have the opportunity to showcase your organization, learn innovative approaches, expand your network, and engage with energy leaders across Canada.

SGIN Associates

Members in good standing can become Associates, where SGIN requests your efforts to engage in something because of your passion, skills, talent and time. Some Associate projects may be remunerative. Associates are actively helping SGIN progress its many initiatives.

*The member offerings listed above are free to all SGIN Members 


Download our detailed Member Guide Here.