Member Profile Event: Smart Energy Learning Campus Webinar

June 29th 2021

A SGIN Member Profile Event is an opportunity for our members to share a topic or concept that they are proud of and passionate about. On June 29th, SGIN Member- Murray McIntyre (Siemens Canada Smart Infrastructure) gave a great presentation on the topic of The Smart Energy Learning Campus.

The Smart Grid Innovation Network Inc. would like to thank you for attending our event. We hope you have found this session valuable and encourage you to check out the following links below to access Murray McIntyre’s Smart Energy Learning Campus presentation, a recording of the webinar, and his contact information. Please feel free to reach out to Murray McIntyre if you are interested in learning more about this topic. 

Microgrid at Algonquin College Youtube Video

Smart Energy Learning Campus Presentation

Murray McIntyre
Account Executive
Siemens Smart Infrastructure
Mobile: 1-613-884-1079