OSEA & SGIN Announce New Collaboration Agreement

May 15, 2023

The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) and Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada (SGIN) are pleased to announce a new collaboration agreement that will foster knowledge sharing and cooperation to better serve the professional needs of their members, industry, and community.

This partnership reflects a shared commitment to support the transition to a low-carbon economy and increase the clean generation in our energy mix. With a focus on smart energy, renewable energy, clean technology, electricity infrastructure, and sustainable buildings, OSEA and SGIN aim to identify opportunities for mutual support and build partnerships to advance the entire ecosystem.

David Katz, Board Chair of Ontario Sustainable Energy Association stated,  “With the need to decarbonize our energy systems, and add significant electrical capacity for the new heating loads and electric vehicles, OSEA welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with SGIN and their members to promote more sustainable energy options and the new tax incentives for interconnecting provincial grids to make our cross Canada Smart Grid a reality. ”

Greg Robart, CEO of Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada, stated, “Energy transition and electrification present many challenges but also opportunities for innovation and collaboration across Canada. We look forward to working closely with OSEA and their members to support smart energy implementations across Canada. Working together, we can build partnerships and share information that will support the growth of a clean energy future for all Canadians.”

About Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)

OSEA is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable energy in Ontario through advocacy, education, and collaboration. Founded in 2001, OSEA is a trusted source of information and a leading voice for sustainable energy in the province. OSEA members include businesses, municipalities, universities, colleges, and individuals committed to advancing sustainable energy solutions.

More at: https://ontario-sea.org/about

About Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada (SGIN)

SGIN is a non-profit organization that supports Canada’s clean energy transition by advocating for the smart energy sector. Through education, vendor support, business model innovation, and smart grid technology, SGIN leverages its position in the Canadian energy sector to create impact. SGIN is dedicated to building a clean energy future for the benefit of all Canadians.



Ontario Sustainable Energy Association
David Katz,, MBA, Chairman of the Board


Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada Inc.
Greg Robart, CEO