Saint John Energy – Energy Transition Champion Member Spotlight

December 20, 2021

The Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada Inc. (SGIN) is proud to feature one of our Energy Transition Champion Members – Saint John Energy. 

Saint John Energy provides among the lowest electricity rates and the highest reliability rates in Canada – 10% lower rates than the rest of New Brunswick – lowering the cost to live and operate a business in Saint John. They are a small and nimble electrical utility that is powering our future with a smarter grid, clean renewable energy, and innovative services. Saint John Energy is building the test bed of an ecosystem for smart grid innovation and technology development in New Brunswick with anyone who wants to help, all in an effort to maintain lower rates and continually add value for our clients and play our part in growing our economy and our population. They are a municipal electrical distribution utility in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada run by people who care about how their work impacts their community and their 36,000 customers.

Saint John Energy’s expertise and knowledge is a valuable asset to our member network and we look forward to continuing to collaborate and work together!

Interested in learning more about Saint John Energy? Check out their recent innovative highlights:


“The financial and environmental benefits of the Burchill Wind Project are significant, and go far beyond Saint John – they will flow throughout New Brunswick and help in the global drive to curb climate change.”

“Burchill will make a meaningful contribution to New Brunswick’s Climate Change Action Plan, and it will help the City of Saint John realize its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2040. As an added bonus, the construction and operation of this new wind farm will bring $32 million in external investment to New Brunswick, generate $11 million in tax revenue for the municipal and provincial governments, and support more than 100 good-paying construction jobs.” … continue reading


“Last winter, we enlisted our customers in the effort to “Shave the Peak” for the very first time. As a cold snap descended on the city in March, we sent out our very first public peak alert – asking customers to do all they could to cut back on their energy use for a few hours.”

The shave the peak initiative was so successful that it attracted national acclaim last month – winning a sustainability award from the Canadian Electricity Association that credited them for “outstanding leadership.” … continue reading

“This award is given to a company that has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the development, implementation, and maintenance of an integrated sustainability strategy within the company. Saint John Energy has developed a successful “Shave the Peak” initiative. This project helps reduce peak demand through customer education and taking advantage of existing resources that SJE has. In combination, it offers triple bottom line advantages by reducing emissions and reducing costs for customers.” (Source)

Congratulations on this achievement Saint John Energy, well done! 👏🏼

Member Contact:

Ryan Mitchell (Vice President and Chief Development Officer, Saint John Energy) is the primary representative for the Energy Transition Champion Membership.

SGIN was thrilled to appoint Ryan to the SGIN Board of Directors Utility Representative Seat in August 2021.

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