SGIN Board of Directors – Call for Applications

May 22, 2024

About SGIN 

The Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada (SGIN) is a network of leaders in the Canadian smart energy sector, dedicated to building a clean energy future for the benefit of all Canadians. By fostering Canada’s transition to clean energy, we will help build stronger, more resilient communities and a sustainable economy.  

SGIN supports Canada’s clean energy transition by advocating for the smart energy sector. Through education, industry support, business model innovation and smart energy technology implementation, we will leverage our position in the Canadian energy sector to create impact.  

SGIN was founded to advocate for the many benefits of smart, clean energy in Canada. As a non-profit, member-driven organization, we promise to: 

  • Act as leaders, modeling the changes we work towards 
  • Remain focused on providing a benefit to society 
  • Dedicate ourselves to open and fact-based information sharing 
  • Encourage diversity of perspective in the clean and smart energy space 
  • Operate on a non-partisan basis 
  • Take a holistic system design approach to solving problems through education, vendor support, technology and business model solutions. 

Applications for the following SGIN Board seats are now open:

  • Indigenous Representative (2-year term starting June 2024) *NEW*
  • Student Representative (2-year term starting August 2024) 
  • Policy Representative (2-year term starting August 2024) 
  • Utility Representative (2-year term starting August 2024) 
  • Utility Representative (1-year term starting August 2024)  
  • Establish the organization’s vision, mission, and purpose.  
  • Hire, monitor, and evaluate the CEO. 
  • Provide proper financial oversight. 
  • Ensure the organization has adequate resources. 
  • Create a strategic plan and ensure that it’s followed. 
  • Ensure legal compliance and ethical integrity. 
  • Manage resources responsibly. 
  • Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance. 
  • Enhance the organization’s public standing. 
  • Strengthen the organization’s programs and services.  

Please note:

  • Board Meetings take place every second month for 1.5 hours (subject to change). Please reach out if you are interested in the complete description of the Composition, Qualifications, and Powers and Duties for the Board of Directors.
  • Seats on the board are reserved for Class A voting Members, and preference will be given to Energy Champion level Members. The titles of the seats are designed to reflect the expertise of the individuals occupying them, rather than their employment status.  

Board Seats are reserved for SGIN Members. Not a Member? Consider becoming a Member today. 

Join us in building a clean energy future for the benefit of all Canadians! To apply for a position on the SGIN Board, please complete the form below by Thursday, June 6th at 5:00pm ADT. For questions about any of the openings listed above, please contact Jenn Bowes (