Three Fires Group Partners With SGIN Canada To Accelerate Clean Energy Innovation

May 24, 2023

May 24, 2023 – The Three Fires Group (TFG) and Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada are pleased to announce a new partnership aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of clean energy solutions. 

The partnership will focus on collaboration, development, investment, operation, and provision of services related to the energy sector. Key areas of collaboration include joint research and development of innovative solutions for the energy sector, exchange of technical expertise and best practices in the fields of smart grid technology and energy management, and collaboration on projects related to the deployment of smart grid technologies, energy storage systems, and renewable energy solutions. 

“Through this partnership, the Three Fires Group is excited to collaborate with Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada to advance clean energy innovation,” said Reggie George, Executive Director of Special Projects and Partnerships for the Three Fires Group. “Together, we are committed to creating innovative solutions that will drive the transition towards a sustainable energy future. This collaboration will not only benefit our communities but also contribute to a resilient economy and a greener environment for future generations.”

Other areas of focus include joint advocacy efforts aimed at promoting the adoption of smart grid technologies and renewable energy solutions, collaboration on the development of policies and regulations to support the growth of the smart grid industry, and collaboration on applications and access to federal and provincial funding opportunities. 

On this new collaboration, Jeff Mocha, Chief Engineering & Innovation Officer at OEC and Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada Board Chair said “We are excited to partner with the Three Fires Group to drive Canada’s transition towards a clean energy future. This partnership brings together two progressive organizations in the smart energy sector to create innovative solutions for stronger, more resilient communities and a sustainable economy.” 

The partnership between TFG and Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada is an important step towards a more sustainable future, one that relies on the development and deployment of clean energy solutions. By working together, the two organizations will be able to accelerate the pace of innovation and make a meaningful contribution to the fight against climate change. 

About Three Fires Group

Three Fires Group is a First Nations owned investment group focused on building generational wealth for First Nations.

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About Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada (SGIN)

SGIN is a non-profit organization that supports Canada’s clean energy transition by advocating for the smart energy sector. Through education, vendor support, business model innovation, and smart grid technology, SGIN leverages its position in the Canadian energy sector to create impact. SGIN is dedicated to building a clean energy future for the benefit of all Canadians.



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