Welcome to our newest Energy Transition Leader: Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors!

October 19, 2021

The Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada Inc. (SGIN) is excited to welcome and introduce Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors as an Energy Transition Leader Member. 

Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors provides top-level research, analysis and strategic counsel in support of their clients’ clean energy and climate goals, with a focus on buildings and industry, renewable energy and clean mobility. Their clients include leading utilities, governments, solution providers, large consumers as well as non-profit organizations. Over the years, they have delivered on over 500 projects in 30 provinces and states in North America. Visit them at www.dunsky.com to find out more about their services and team.

Dunksy’s expertise and knowledge will be a valuable asset to our member network and we look forward to working together.

Check out their recent Innovative company highlights:

Member Contact:

Ahmed Hanafy (Senior Consultant, Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors) is the primary representative for the Energy Transition Leader Membership. SGIN was thrilled to appoint Ahmed to the SGIN Board of Directors Policy Representative Seat in August 2021.

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Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors Website

The Energy Transition Leader membership is designed for key players and influencers in the industry. This class includes organizations who are active in the association, wish to benefit from relationships, and increase their presence in the network. For more information on our membership, please check out our membership guide.

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