EIF 2022 – Thanks for joining us!

It was truly an honor to host the energy innovation forum 2022 this year and even more importantly it was great to make new acquaintances and see old friends in Toronto. Every single panelist did an incredible job at relaying their perspective in energy innovation and their organisations passion to support Canada’s energy transition. We cannot thank you enough.

A special thank you needs to go out to Francis Bradley from the Electricity Canada who stepped in place of our keynote speaker who had to drop out for reasons outside of her control the last minute. I think we can all agree that he hit all of the important points and did a great job at setting up the panel conversation for the next two days.

Collaboration, systems thinking, an innovation for purpose was the overarching themes for the conference and each panel reaffirmed those themes in their own words.  It was clear for me that the pace of change is a priority to everyone in attendance, and even more importantly, everyone was willing to play their part in helping improve the pace.

Thank you again for supporting the event, let’s keep up the momentum.

Greg Robart

CEO, Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada

Tour of the Siemens Living Labs at the Siemens Canada Headquarters in Oakville, Ontario.
The "Is Our Ecosystem and Institutions Working To Support the End Customer Needs?" panel discussion at EIF Canada 2022.